Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Female Parental Unit Day!

My Mother's Days are always very low key, much like Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I'm not much for flowers, candy, balloons and all the other paraphernalia of 'special days'. But this Mother's Day was especially awesome. It started on Friday because my husband lacks the ability to let anything be a surprise. So instead of flowers, I got these:

Seriously, how awesome! Tiny, tiny lego-esque block sets. And they truly are nano. The panda took about 30 minutes and the Taj Mahal about an hour. I was surprised at how easy the instructions were and bonus, they both came with base plates. One of my major complaints about the large lego sets is the lack of base plate and that the plates have to be ordered online. These nanoblock sets feel truly complete.

Here they are at home in my office, with my other collected oddities.

Then I was surpised yet again on Saturday. My daughter shares her dad's "can't wait, too excited, have to show you this now!" gene. She conspired with my dad to:

Deliever donuts to me! It was very sweet, she was exteremly proud of herself for "thinking it up all by myself" and nearly went insane in the 15 seconds between presenting me with my gift and getting a sprinkle donut in her mouth.

All in all, a very good Mother's Day weekend.

So, how did the rest of you mothers spend your day?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Give Me Another Long Neck Please???!!!

Check it out!! I finished this coaster I started a long while ago. I actually added it on and am waiting for a confirmation email that they accepted it to go on the site. They actually exceeded the 1 million they were looking for. Cool huh?

Anyways - I used #10 blue & #10 pink and a #6 hook. It's gone to one of my friends in FL for her birthday next week. Hope she likes it!
This was not an easy project.....well it was ok once I got the hang of the giraffes. I think they're cool looking myself.
Crochet Geek Girl extraordinaire ;o)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All hail Howard, future king of the nerds!

This is awesome!  I'm impressed when my kid can rembember what she had for lunch that day.  This kid, he is destine for greatness.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Hex Crazy

I guess I can't get enuff of hexes. I started some Persimmon with Light Peach borders. (The lighting doesn't do the colors justice) I'm using an F hook to do these so they're quite a bit bigger than my other ones that I'm making for the table cloth.
Ahem.......maybe I shouldn't have long weekends anymore??????

Anyways.....that's only part of what's on my hooks this week.

Bad jokes make me smile

A musical cord walks into a bar.  He asks the bartender, "Can I have a drink?".  The bartender says, "Sorry, I can't.  You're a-minor."

2 atoms are talking.  One says, "You look a little off today.  Did you lose an electron?".  The other says, "Yeah, I'm positive".

A Shetland pony walks into a bar.  He mumbles his order.  The bartender says, "Sorry, you're going to have to speak up".  The pony whispers, "Sorry, I'm a little horse."

HA!!  ha, ha, ha, ha?  no?