Monday, January 17, 2011

Do you like LISTS? I sure do! Top 20 Musings Re: THE GOLDEN GLOBES

by Sara 'Movie Girl' Faris

Regarding the Golden Globe Awards:

  1. I love Helena Bonham Carter, and I don’t care HOW she dressed for the show! I think two different colored shoes is 100% acceptable, especially if you cohabitate with TIM BURTON!!!!
  2. ‘Social Network’ deserved the best picture, b/c dangit, they made a move about Facebook not just interesting, but riveting!
  3. That being said, I’m still glad that Colin Firth and Natalie Portman represented for their amazing work in ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘Black Swan’.
  4. Who the heck would have guessed in 1993 that Trent Reznor would be all clean-cut accepting a freaking Golden Globe award for best score. My living room sounded like this, ‘THAT’S TRENT REZNOR?!?! …wait a second, THAT IS Trent Reznor?!?!? …no, from NINE INCH NAILS?!?’
  5. Ricky Gervais, I love him, but he was kind of a one-note joke-teller last night…nothing too shocking, nothing laugh-out-loud funny…
  6. Robert Downey, Jr., on the other hand…
  7. 'The Kids Are All Right’, best Musical or Comedy? Why was this in THAT category? Did I see the same movie that they did? I must have run to the restroom during the big musical number, b/c I can tell you one thing, that movie is NOT a comedy!
  8. Is ‘Barney’s Version’ even OUT yet? What the heck?!?! I mean, congratulations Mr. Giamatti!
  9. Do you think Laura Linney won b/c they knew she wasn’t there and they had to make up time after Christian Bale’s speech, since everyone was too frightened to play the wrap-up music for C. Bale?
  10. I love Steve Buscemi…and I love him in ‘Boardwalk Empire’…but there is no way he is better than Michael Shannon or Michael Pitt…both of whom were NOT EVEN NOMINATED! NOT FAIR!
  11. Good for Katey Segal and Melissa Leo! They’ve been around for a long time…they really had this coming! (PS- Before 'Homicide' jumped the shark, it was DEFINITELY my favorite TV Drama EVER!)
  12. I’ll admit it, I watch ‘Glee’…I even enjoy ‘Glee’…and due to timeliness and my support of gay and lesbian equality, I will TOTALLY celebrate with Chris Colfer AND Jane Lynch…but there is NO WAY that ‘Glee’ is a better show than ‘Modern Family.’ NO.WAY.
  13. Didn’t ‘Temple Grandin’ come out in 2004? How long is Claire Danes going to be riding that train?
  14. I don’t want to offend anyone, but who is watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’? There are so many tv shows on the air right now…and I’m a self-proclaimed GEED! Maybe you just don’t watch tv that much…but there are better options…I promise! Have you ever seen ‘How I Met Your Mother’? or even ‘Jersey Shore’?
  15. Did Sandra Bulloch get a Charles Manson-style tattoo on her forehead? What’s up with those bangs?
  16. That was NOT Julia Stiles when they cut to her and said, ‘Julia Stiles’…I mean, it might have been another woman named ‘Julia Stiles’…but that was NOT the Julia Stiles we were expecting!
  17. I know I’m not the fashion expert…I’m not even a fashion novice…but my favorite dress was Olivia Wilde’s…google it…so pretty…
  18. Least favorite? Emma Stone’s…it looked like a really long t-shirt in a color that wasn’t particularly flattering with her current coloring…again, not that I should be commenting…
  19. Barbara Hershey presenting...uh…was that a nip slip?
  20. I love that little girl from ‘True Grit’! and I bet she was loving presenting with Justin Bieber…awww!


  1. Sara, your list are always spectacular. My thoughts:
    1. I too enjoyed HBC and her kooky outfit. At first I was like, "OK...." but the more I saw her, the more I enjoyed her. She is not afraid to just do what she wants, and I love that about her.
    4. I KNOW! I love me some NIN and Trent has always been one of those 'scary, but I like it', types. It would have been a joke if he didn't win, that score was spot on.
    11. I am a huge SOA fan, so when Katy Segal won I actually jumped up and clapped like I was at the same table.

  2. And my take...
    5. Couldn't disagree more. Ricky was cringworthingly hilarious! You might not have been able to hear the crowd laugh, but the squeaks from the tightening of their sphincters was deafening and only added to my amusement. Laugh clowns, laugh!

    17. Too right! Gorgeous.