Monday, January 17, 2011

The First of Many

by CrochetGeekGirl

Happy Monday!

I know it's early but I am the early bird that caught that pesky worm! He's history! lol

This is the first of many little tangerine and tan hexagons that I will be crocheting. The idea behind them is that I will make a tablecloth for my daughter for next Christmas. (Christmas??!! Yes folks, Christmas. Believe me, it'll be here again before you know it and I, for one, am getting an early start.) You see, I have this tendency to start a large project and then get bored with it and I will put it down until I am ready to pick it back up again OR get down to the wire and then I'm scrambling to get it done.

Why you say?? Well, fortunately I am not the only crochet crafter that does this stupid thing, but it's just something that we share. The quick and easy projects, with instant 'crochetification' is what drives a lot of us hookers.

Although I am really stoked about this project, and I am soooo in love with this particular hexie. I found a real quick and easy hexie that I just love doing in this pattern. (The link takes you to the sign in on the Lion Brand site. Sign up is free...go for won't be disappointed.) It is motif II. I had been searching for one specifically for a tablecloth in all of my printed (gazillions) of patterns. That was my first obstacle.

Next I had to decide colors, type of thread (size), hook size, (size DOES matter) and lastly a pattern. So once I found the hexie I went through the colored threads that I had on hand. I love working with #3 thread.

My daughter's kitchen is yellow, with light brown tile floors. In my stash I had tangerine, tan and lime balls of #3 thread. I put them together and loved the combination. The lime will be the joining color (to join the hexies together once they're made).

Next I got out a #2 Boye hook and made a tangerine hexagon using the hexie pattern I found. When I finished it (minus the last round of the pattern), it measured 3" across and 3.25" point to point. My daughter's table is a round wood table and my best guestimate is that it's about 4' in diameter.

So I then sat down with graph paper and drew out hexagons together until I got a shape I liked. I multiplied the number of hexies I would need to go across and up and down until I reached roughly 4'. (You have to remember that the joining is going to add to the overall length and width, so if you already have at least 4' in L & W in hexies then you will be good once the joining is done, it'll be bigger and have some kind of drape, or hang over to it. (In my mind anyway) Right??

Ok, so now you'll need to figure out your scheme - that is to say, what kind of pattern do you want to make? After making 10 copies of my hexied graph paper, I got out my colored pencils and started coloring different patterns. The one in the first pic is what was most pleasing to my eye. I only used the orange to color this one as it was quicker and easier for me. I know the remaining hexies will be tan.

So then my last thing to work out is how many tangerine and how many tan hexies will I need to crochet? For this pattern I have chosen, I will need 84 tangerine hexies and 100 tan hexies.

Now all that's left is to crochet my hexies, then the fun begins with the joining. I still haven't decided how exactly I'm going to join them but I have a little bit of time to think on it.

More to come on this 'citrusy' tablecloth. I'm excited about it!

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