Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fallen For The Wash

by CrochetGeekGirl

I think I have figured out what to make almost everyone this year for Christmas! For many reasons but the most sensible to me is they are quick and easy and voila! Done! I have fallen for the wash cloth....well not the wash cloth, but this and many more kinda like it!
They will not all be exactly like this one and there lies the beauty of it. Between different colors and different patterns I can make many that are not alike. Kinda like you and I going to different schools together! Ahem.....yea so shoot me. You get my drift.
I was also thinking about dabbling in making my own letters (crochet of course) and sewing the first initial on to make it even more personalized. Whatcha think?? I'll have to experiment and think on that.
I worked this one up in two days. The starting chain was an even number, 42 I think. The second round and each thereafter consisted of ch 1, sk 1, sc in next st, then hdc in the same st, *sk 1, sc & hdc in same st*. How simple is that? And just look at the pattern it created! Can ya blame me for falling in love with it? I liked it so much that I didn't even put a border around it...I liked it like it is. Just added a loop to hang it with.
Can you just see yourself in the shower with this wash cloth? Move over loofah, you've met your match! If you've never washed with a wash cloth made out of #3 thread you really don't know what you're missing. Exfoliating will never be the same again! :o)
Right then....I'm off.......to the showa.....with my new best bud......lol
PS/I forgot to say that I crocheted this with a C hook. And I started another one last night with teal thread, same hook, same stitches, only all of the stitches are going in the back loop and what a difference in the look of the pattern. I'll be back later to show you that one.

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